Wedding is a special day and you need to look perfect on your big day. To look perfect with your makeup looks here are some of the cool makeup tips for you to follow but first, you need to get yourself a bridal makeup artist:


Remember flashbacks

Dreaded flashbacks really could be the worst nightmares of a wedding. This something which you would never want to happen in all of the photos you will take on your big day. If you don’t know much about it, you need to know and understand that the flashback is really a terrible effect which happens to your makeup in the photographs as a result of flash photography. When a photo is taken in flash, the light reflects back to the makeup and will make your face look 20 shades less than your body shade. This really is something horrible to know and to avoid it, you need to use setting powders and foundation that has no SPF or the ones which state no flashback on their labels.

Beware of oxidizing

Oxidizing is another truly worse thing. You can look perfect in a foundation but just after 15 minutes of applying that foundation, you would just look like a chocolate character which is really horrifying. There is no apparent cause for this or no special ingredient which causes it yet you can avoid it by following some simple ways. One of the keyss and the commonly known reasons for which a foundation changes its colors is due to the natural oils of your skin which gets mingled with the foundation. So to avoid this simply, don’t forget to use a primer and also make sure that you bolt your foundation. This is how you can prevent your makeup from oxidizing. Try a lighter shade foundation than your original skin tone.

Long lasting makeup

Your wedding day is your special day and it is long and quite busy. On your wedding, your makeup should be settled in a way that it lasts the whole function and even after the ceremony. This is why you should get yourself a long-lasting, heavy-duty make-up that will not budge so easily. Such makeup products are easily available and they are good at standing against tear and sweat. You need to search for a makeup artist Malaysia who is known for his makeup skills. You can take references as well.

Don’t look washed out

This is something a bit tricky as it may differ from person to person. The key thing that is necessary for you to know about wedding makeup is that the makeup should be exactly matching with your wedding dress. A makeup artist KL  perfectly knows what will suit you and what not. But the trick here is that you should avoid picking pale makeup looks and try to have smokey makeup instead.

Search for a Muslim makeup artist who can make you look perfect on your great day.